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A voice of contrasts: Smooth to raspy.  Friendly to edgy.  Credible to character.  Snappy turnaround for most projects in 24 hours or less. 

Your choice of delivery: Source Connect for Live Voiceovers, ISDN bridge, FTP, email or snail mail. Phone patch with dedicated studio number.

Voiceovers include radio and television commercials, Internet and Website narration, corporate, industrial, and business narration, movie trailers, phone prompts, training and tutorial videos, animation and video games, documentary, instruction and how-to videos, e Learning courses and more.

Top 6 Voice Over Categories:
1. Business: Whether it's a standalone location, a retail chain, all the way to a large corporation, my own personal business experience helps me communicate a voice over the way a businessman and business woman can relate to. Authoritative, professional, to the point, and believable. If you're an enterprise, let's talk!

2. Internet: I'd be thrilled to help your Website dominate your piece of the cloud. The world wide web is the fastest growing marketing segment, and I'd be happy for my voice over talent to be a part of your corner of the Web.

3. Radio: As a veteran radio broadcaster, I have recorded and produced 100's of radio voiceover commercials over 20+ years of broadcasting. Let me help sell your product or service on the airwaves.

4. Television: A network quality TV voice and voice over talent, or an expressive, catchy character, I can help bring your television campaign to life.

5. Education: eBook voiceovers or other types of instructional voice over narrations require a patient, clear, and authoritative approach. I can provide you many examples of my educational and training voice over projects.

6. Instructional: Similar to educational but different. To have a listener understand "how to," the speaker must create a certain rhythm. It needs to be as entertaining as possible, but without sounding like entertainment.

The Basics: Custom voice over projects delivered in 24 hours or less.  Radio and TV commercials, corporate presentations, narration,  movie trailers, corporate presentations, audio books, animation, video games, message on hold, or any kind of audio or voice project. 

The Philosophy: What makes an excellent voice over?  Your voice over talent puts the client first and understands that job #1 is the make the client succeed.  For your voice over project to ring, it's a combination of great voice over talent, excellent communication between the voice over talent and client, and it's all supported by top notch professional recording gear.

News Flash: I'm proud to announce my recent addition of the Sennheiser MKH 416 microphone to my professional recording studio.  This mike accentuates my unique voice quality, which I describe as "french fries, nice and crispy on the outside, and soft and rich and hot on the inside."  Translated, that means deep, rich bass and lower mid range, and nice, crisp high end, too.

I would like to thank my wonderful clients for their kind words!

"For our Television Special, we chose Daniel Wachs for his friendly conversational style narration. His voice quality exudes a warmth and neighbor-next-door quality and we were very pleased with his professionalism and turn-around time for the work. Daniel will be at the top of the list for our next Television and DVD Project."

            - Robert Cording, Cast Theater Production Company

"If you're looking for a hassle free professional, look no further. Daniel Wachs is the real deal. A true pro. I went into this arrangement thinking I would certainly need to provide direction for Daniel with the reading. I was wrong. He nailed it the first take. Made the whole process painless, easy and fun. I can't recommend him enough."

            - Patrick Alexander, PGA Films

"Dan was quite frankly, excellent. First time we used him, but the marketing department has already decided to use him for the follow-up campaigns. He was professional, easy to work with, and delivered the finished product two days earlier than the deadline. We highly recommend him."

            - Robert Dodenhoff, American Drug Testing

"Excellent quality! Superb professionalism!

            - Tom Patterson, USI Insurance

"Thanks Daniel. Great to work with you.  Super fast response and great communication.  We'll be sure to work with you again."

            - Benjamin McElroy, McElroy Films

"Consummate professional. Rapid turnaround even considering a holiday weekend. Would definitely recommend Dan Wachs to others."

             - Michael Feigel, Award winning audio book author

"Daniel did a great job. He was very responsive and made all of the changes we'd asked for. We would definitely look to use him again."

             - Kolby Kappes, Video Game Producer

What makes a great voice over?  YOUR SATISFACTION.  I always believed in the saying, "If you want to succeed, make your boss succeed."  This served me well my entire 32-year radio career, and it still works today.

As your voice, my only goal is to make you succeed.  With a complete professional home recording studio and the ability to deliver results fast, I think that will happen every time. 

What can I do for you?

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