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Real World Voice Over Seminars

Real World Voice Over Seminars are written and produced by Dan Wachs and take place up to four times a year at an excellent acting facility in Orlando, FL and once a year at the studios of a famous casting director in Miami, FL.  The Real World Voice Over Seminar is designed for individuals who already possess some performance skills and experience.  That could be acting, singing, entertaining, even public corporate speaking. 

This is a very limited class in terms of size and we pride ourselves in giving our students everything they need to know in order to start out in the voice over business - by the time our seven-hour seminar ends.  It is written from Dan Wachs' personal experience in starting out in voice over just a short time ago, in 2010, and taking his business to the point in which he bills out over 150 voice over projects a year.

Private Voice Over Coaching

Dan provides private voice over coaching on a very limited basis.  The coaching is strictly designed on the basis of the student's needs.  For individuals who can not attend a seminar, a two hour private session can be a great way to get most of the information provided at the Real World Voice Over Seminar in a concentrated manner over a short period of time in which 100% of the attention is given to the individual student.  Oft-times, the private coaching is about refining and improving voice over interpretation.  This service surrounds live recording at Dan's professional voice over studio located in the Orlando, FL area. 

Voice Over Demos

A voice over demo is like an actor's headshot or a model's comp card.  It's a must for folks who are serious about pursuing voice over as a career or even as a part-time job.  Dan produces voice over demos for his existing seminar or private coaching students, and does so on a very limited basis.  Many times the materials for a professional voice over demo can be obtained during private coaching  sessions.  Here are some demos we produced for Real World Voice Over students:

Victoria Swilley Commercial Demo

Sara Hood Commercial Demo

Cameron Francis Commercial Demo

Charles Watson Commercial Demo

Free Consultation

If you're interested in voice over as a career or part-time job, then we are happy to give you a free "mini-evaluation" based on a short read that you provide us.  It's easy, and a smart phone recording is fine.   We care about the way you interpret the copy and don't dare about technical quality at that point.


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